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Outdoor Scenery Design brings garden visions to life, marrying the love of plants with the stewardship of excellent craftsmanship.

Our collaborative approach centers on a rich appreciation for landscape history, plant knowledge, classical design, modern influence, and dynamic client relationships.

Bethany Rydmark

Bethany Rydmark frequently works in collaboration with Outdoor Scenery Design.

Her heritage as an eighth generation Oregonian grounds her design sensibilities in the soils of the Pacific Northwest, and her travels to 30 countries and territories around the world bring cross-cultural inspiration to her design work.

Bethany is a licensed Landscape Architect in the state of Oregon and holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon.

Gavin Younie

Gavin Younie is the owner and founding designer of Outdoor Scenery Design in Portland, Oregon.

As a life-long Oregonian, Gavin brings an innovative, disciplined eye to landscape design in the Pacific Northwest. His works include modern dwellings, historic residences, urban oases, and estate gardens with a focus on artfully combined structural and living elements. Attention to architectural history and horitcultural detail allow Gavin to create strongly formed spaces for people to admire and enjoy.

Gavin draws from over a decade of design practice and holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon.